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Youth Ministry

Christ the King's youth ministry has two goals.  First, give teens the tools and knowledge to become disciples of Christ and servants of the Church.  The second, to offer opportunities for them use those tools to be the Church every day forward.

We aspire to be the truest embodiment of our parish mission statement … to hear the Gospel and make a difference

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Preparing teens to receive the sacraments

At Christ the King we believe teens shouldn't be prepared for just one sacrament, Confirmation.  The youth of the church deserve to be prepared for any sacrament they wish to receive in the future.  Here youth receive foundational knowledge to guide them through Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick.   Teens become disciples of Christ and servants of the Church.

Confirmation preparation is a 2 year process that begins in Foundations of Catholicism and continues with Catholic Practices & Experiences the following year.  While not required Jr. High Inquiry is highly recommended.

Jr. High Inquiry (7th & 8th)

Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:15pm

While not required, Jr. High Inquiry is highly recommended for 7th and 8th graders looking toward Confirmation.  We reintroduced them to the Catholic faith through the lens of active participation.  Understanding what choosing to be Catholic looks like is central in Jr. High Inquiry.

Foundations of Catholicism

Sunday  sessions from :200 - 4:00pm followed by 4:00pm Mass

In this first year teens dive deep into their relationship with Jesus.  They examine not only who Jesus is but why he is so integral to their own salvation story.  Knowledge and understanding gained here help then understand that they aren't a part of the church, they are the Church.

Catholic Practices & Experiences

Sundays starting with 4:00pm Mass and continuing with sessions from  5:00 - 6:30pm

This is where the fun begins.  This second year is filled with opportunities for teens to practice what  they learned in Foundations of Catholicism.  The "book learning" is done and now it's time to live the faith.  Exciting experiences like service opportunities, field trips, guest speakers, and much more help teens shape what path they wan to take as a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church.

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Youth Ministry Catalogue 

Learn more about the opportunities in Youth Ministry by requesting a copy of our ministry catalogue.

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Every Day Forward

After receiving Confirmation teens are encouraged to live their sacrament every day forward.   Christ the King offers opportunities for them to share their talents and gifts with others.  


MENTORs help shape the direction and focus of our Youth Ministry. You'll find them leading small groups, planning events like Adoration and retreats, or guiding our service and social ministries. Take the next step in your discipleship journey and become a MENTOR today!

Social Events & Outings

All teens are invited to our parish social events.  Bond through fun activities like field trips, movie nights, lock-ins, hikes, bowling nights and more.

Service Ministries

Our service ministries give teens a chance to make a difference; volunteering their time and talents to help the disadvantaged in the community.

Youth Conferences & Retreats

Sometimes living your faith can be exhausting Reignite your love for Jesus.  Join a small group or thousands looking to reconnect through him.

Summer Service Trips

For a week in the summer  a group of teens travel to serve the disadvantaged away from home. Come, let's walk a mile in someone else's shoes.


Registration for Youth Ministry Programs begins May 2022!

World Youth Day 2023 - Lisbon

Join us for the pilgrimage of a lifetime.  Since it's inception millions of Catholics from cross the globe have gathered to celebrate their faith during World Youth Day.  In August of 2023 a select group of youth from Christ the King will join them.

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