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CTK/St. Stephen Women's Retreat

The Return of the Prodigal: Reflections on Creativity, Beauty, and Prayer
A One Day Bible Study Retreat for Women

Sponsored by the Women of Christ the King and St. Stephen Parishes
Retreat Director: Toinette M. Eugene, Ph.D.
Date: Saturday, October 15, 2022
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Place: St. Stephen Parish Hall 1101 Keaveny Court, Walnut Creek

Tickets will be sold the weekend of Sept. 24/25 & Oct. 1/2 Or by calling the parish office after Sept. 25

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CTK/St. Stephen Men's Retreat

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Staying Connected

Dear CTK Family,

Every day we are deluged with calamitous news about impending health threats, natural disasters, wars abroad and violent crime at home. While the doom and gloom grab our attention, I think we are better served by focusing on more positive things. So, here is some good news. The Christ the King Religious Education program for this school year started this week! We also commenced our Confirmation program this month, and both programs are off to a great start. Thank you to parents who have enrolled their children, to volunteers who serve as catechists, to classroom assistants and yard duty attendants, and to the CTK School community for generously allowing us to use their facilities for several classes. Religious Education is a vital ministry of CTK, and we are blessed to have so much involvement from every part of our community

While all of us support the RE program in many ways, it is critical that parents work with their children to pass on the faith. Living a Catholic life, attending Sunday Mass, regular family prayer and reception of the sacraments speak loudly to children about the importance of faith and their parent’s commitment to it. While parents are the first and best teachers of the faith, they have often lacked the tools needed to support their efforts. That is changing this year.

CTK Religious Education has adopted a new program called “Word of Life” (WOL) for students in grades 1 through 6. This collaborative work by Ignatius Press and Augustine Institute, two powerhouse Catholic publishers, focuses on connecting students to salvation history, helping them understand it as more than a story about events that happened long ago in far-away places. Salvation history is their story, our story. Students use textbooks, but, with the help of their parents, they have access to a library of digital learning tools. Weekly homework assignments will keep parents apprised of what students are being taught. There are elements to engage book learners as well as visual and verbal learners. The WOL teaching method uses prayerful preparation to learn, proclamation of God’s word, explanation of the Word, practical application of the word and then a celebration of what was taught. Parents have access to teaching tools, so they can actively participate in the education process.

CTK’s Confirmation program this year has added a “Service Learning” component. As our young people deepen their knowledge of the faith, they are invited and challenged to experience faith in action. While Pope Francis has called for ordained priests to stay close to the marginalized of the world, to be “shepherds living with the smell of the sheep,” all of us are called to actively minister to the needs of others. Our baptismal call to the priesthood of the laity invites every Christian to participate in missions of service. Our “Service Learning” component allows our Confirmands to get their hands dirty, to share in the lives of the less fortunate. This is a great opportunity for them to deepen their faith.

While the school year has already started, CTK’s RE program continues to need your help. How? First, keep us and the children we serve in your daily prayers. Everything begins with prayer. Second, if you are a parent, godparent, grandparent or have another connection to a child, be examples of living the faith to the children you influence. If they see you practice the faith, they will practice the faith as well. Third, volunteer to help the program. While we have a wonderful group of Catechists, many have planned vacations during the school year. Can you volunteer to be a substitute? How about being a classroom assistant? Or can you help supervise children as a yard duty volunteer? If you can volunteer in any capacity, you will be blessed by the experience.

Again, thanks to all for your ongoing support.

Deacon John Ashmore

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