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Youth Ministry Back to School Movie Night on the Lawn - Everyone invited

This Saturday August 6th

Bring a blanket, lawn chairs, your family and your friends!

Your $5 per person donation comes with: Bag of Popcorn, Hotdog, Soda or Water, Choice of Movie Candy.

Movie: Spider-Man: No Way Home (PG-13)

7:00pm Refreshments     8:00pm Showtime

Thank you to our sponsor: CTK's Filipino Society for sponsoring this movie event.

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Dear Friends,

T.S. Eliot once said that April is the cruelest month, but I'd like to say that it's actually August. In August summer is almost over, but it's not quite the ideal pleasant fall weather that's perfect for hiking the rolling hills surrounding us and drinking spice pumpkin lattes. This year, I seem to grieve the end of summer asking myself, “Where did summer go?” I have to admit I took one week off to preside over and attend the wedding of a former student of mine (in Jersey City near Newark).

Summer doesn’t have to have a hard stop. As we move into the fall, if you’re able, continue to enjoy some of the things you like about summer. Continue to spend time outside, soak up all the sunshine, enjoy day trips on the weekend — whatever it is you like about summer, identify those things and don't let yourself stop just because summer is over or school is ready to commence.

I would like to welcome back our school leadership, faculty and teachers! Welcome back to our campus as you get ready for another exciting year! School administrators were raising the alarm about hiring difficulties throughout the summer. I am grateful to our principal for being so proactive, as early on, he was working on hiring, even before school was out for summer. I want to welcome the new teachers and faculty members to our campus, and I am so grateful for those who will continue to minister at CTK School.

I would like to give you an update on Father Mike Dibble. Those who minister to Fr. Dibble have noticed over the last year a progressive decline of his memory and emotional well-being. We have done absolutely everything possible to allow him to live on his own. Right now, we are preparing ourselves for the fact that he will not be able to live alone that much longer. He is physically quite healthy, but his short-term memory loss and safety have become our greatest concern.

A year ago Dr. David Stone and I had a couple of emails and one zoom conversation with the diocese of New York regarding Fr. Dibble’s condition. We did not hear anything after that. Recently, Dr. David contacted the diocese again through another priest who is serving the diocese and finally, they got back to him. So, discussions are underway, and I am hoping that the diocese of New York will step up and do the right thing for one of their own.

Recently I read an article titled, “Not all priests retire equally” written by Mary Gallop, in which she addresses the situations faced by our retired priests. After retirement, a new and completely different lifestyle begins. Few priests can afford to live in their own home or organize their spiritual life with an ability to celebrate mass. Dr. David and Francine were very generous to host Fr. Dibble over 20 years.

The welfare of retired priests is a priority in canon law: “The diocesan bishop must make provision for the appropriate maintenance and residence of the priest who has resigned” (canon 538 §8). This canon decrees that the principles of natural justice and equity must be taken into account, as well as the traditions and circumstances of each diocese. Each bishop shall see to it that a specific and funded plan is established to provide adequate support and accommodation for all retired priests incardinated in his diocese. Each diocesan bishop shall also see to it that priests incardinated in the diocese who have become incapacitated before the regular retirement age, will receive sufficient assistance to provide for adequate support and accommodation, considering any social assistance programs to which they may be entitled.

Our retired priests deserve to enjoy the last years of their lives with the honest and appropriate support of their diocese after having administered the sacraments to their beloved parishioners for so many years. I know that many of you are worried about who and how Fr. Dibble will be taken care of - since he is so far from his diocese. There are discussions about crowd funding and contacting Fr. Dibble’s friends about his situation, etc. I am all for providing adequate care for a wonderful and holy priest who is a beloved man here at CTK.  We need to get his diocese of NY to step up and take their responsibility. I am hoping that one of his superiors will visit him in the near future, the human thing to do. If we need to find adequate representation to his superiors, we shall do that. I do not want to pursue any of the considerations such as crowd funding or asking Fr. Dibble’s friends to pay for his care for now.

We have completed a few upgrades to our GYM this summer, and we will be assembling an outdoor carport in the small parking lot for Fr. Gerry Moran.

Fr. Paulson

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